WooLeeX is known for its ingenuity to fuze its brand style artistic painting with fashion. Forceful visual impact at first glance, delicate hand-drawn work of art at a closer look. WooLeeX integrates the techniques of the East and the West through cultural hybridity, which is widely shown in the pattern design.

Fashion is the expression of creative artworks and that it can be reflected in WooLeeX’s each season as well as in celebrities’ outfits. Designers of WooLeeX not only bring what they’ve seen and learned back to Taiwan, but add the Taiwanese traditional embroidery to experiment different styles in order to discover endless possibilities of art, allowing people to re-define and re-experience fashion.

In 2019, WooLeeX released the first fashion show "COLOR" in Vancouver, reinterpreting color in their unique way. In 2020 New York Fashion Week, the founder of the brand, Jerry Hsieh, joined Cynthia Hsieh to announce the brand's second international show. WooLeeX incorporates oriental art with street styles and strong hip-hop culture, which is the biggest feature of its clothing line. 22SS will continue the rebellious souls of Jerry and Cynthia, having multiple cross-industry collaborations, allowing singers and actors to take their works of art to a higher level. 

Past collaborations include: local king Jacky Wu, famous host Mickey Hsieh, and many singers such as Bii, Nine Chen, Kenny Khoo, Kumachan, OSN and so on.

In 2021, "WLX STYLING" branch is established, offering tailor-made styling and visual art presentation, making the brand more diversified, emphasizing the attention to details, and increase productivity.